Book review: David A. Stockman – “The Great Deformation – The Corruption of Capitalism in America”

Cover of David A. Stockman's The Great Deformation

David Stockman’s new book “The Great Deformation” is a brilliant, penetrating analysis of the present state of the US economy and the US political system, and a detailed account of how the nation got into this mess. The book will upset Democrats and Republicans alike, and quite a few other constituencies as well, which can, in this case, be safely accepted as proof that Stockman’s narrative is spot on. Stockman is an angry man and he admits so himself early in his 719-page tome. That anger adds bite and verve to his writing … [Read more...]

Gold sell-off: There is only one question that matters


Last Friday I participated in a (very short) debate on BBC Radio Four’s Today Programme on the future direction of gold. Tom Kendall, global head of precious metals research at Credit Suisse argued that gold was in trouble, I argued that it wasn’t. So yours truly is on record on national radio on the morning of gold’s two worst trading days in 30 years arguing that it was still a good investment. Is it? I still think that what I said on radio is correct and even after two days of brutal bloodletting in the gold market and … [Read more...]

Detlev on the Keiser Report – Boom & Bust Vicious Cycle

Detlev Schlichter on Keiser Report 27 Sept 2012

Excerpt from The Keiser Report (E346) with Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert on which Detlev appeared on September 27th. “Max talks to Detlev Schlichter, author of Paper Money Collapse about quantitative easing to infinity, Central Banking 'devils' and the future for the gold standard.” … [Read more...]

U.S. Republicans introduce gold standard debate – mainstream media go mental

1 kilo gold bar

I am not holding my breath over the Republicans' plans for another gold commission to investigate the possibility of returning the USA to a gold standard in the case of the Romney-Ryan ticket winning. Of course, I like the Classical Gold Standard, which existed from about 1880 to 1914, and I am convinced it was a humongous mistake to do away with it, a mistake that was further compounded by the abandonment of its weak successor, Bretton Woods, in 1971. And you know what I think of our present unconstrained fiat money … [Read more...]

Is gold in a bubble?


To answer this question is not straightforward. As the gold-sceptics keep reminding us, gold pays no coupon and no dividend, it does not offer a running yield, so traditional measures of 'fair value' do not apply. But gold is money, and just as the paper ticket in your wallet does not pay interest, neither does gold. Gold is a monetary asset that has functioned as a medium of exchange and a store of value for thousands of years, around the world and in almost all societies and cultures. Many modern economists believe that … [Read more...]

Christina’s toxic cookbook

Picture of Christina Romer

 Keynesian and other mainstream economists cannot explain the present crisis. That doesn't seem to bother them. All they can offer is a description of symptoms, such as with their favourite phrase of lack of 'aggregate demand', which, if you think about it, doesn't really explain anything. How come demand dropped? Why did it drop now and not at any other time? Whose demand dropped? (Hint: mine didn't.) "Sigmund Freud meets Dr. Ruth" But hey, when faced with a lack of proper economic explanations, you can always fall back … [Read more...]

Gold “bubble” bursting? – I don’t think so


In today's Financial Times Mark Williams argues that the recent correction in gold means the gold "bubble" is finally bursting. Unfortunately, he does not provide a single reason for why the 10-year bull market in the precious metal constitutes a "bubble", nor why this rally must end now. According to the narrative of this article, investing in gold must have always been quite an irrational endeavour. Such folly was simply made easier with the advent of liquid ETFs (exchange-traded funds), which made the gold market more … [Read more...]

The bureaucracy versus you

dollar notes falling from sky

The global finance bureaucracy is clueless. Its policies are failing. Yet, the bureaucracy is not giving up. The same tired and idiotic explanations for what is wrong with the economy and what the economy needs are regurgitated with numbness-inducing persistency: The economy is in need of more, wait for it, "demand". Not necessarily your demand or my demand. In fact, any demand will do. And since you and me are obviously failing to produce the demand that the economy demands the required demand has to come from the state. It … [Read more...]