Oxford Hayek Society talk followed by Q and A

Detlev at Oxford Hayek Society

The Oxford Hayek Society invited Detlev to give a talk at Christ Church on 14th May 2013. This was followed by a lively discussion afterwards ... … [Read more...]

Detlev on the Keiser Report – Boom & Bust Vicious Cycle

Detlev Schlichter on Keiser Report 27 Sept 2012

Excerpt from The Keiser Report (E346) with Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert on which Detlev appeared on September 27th. “Max talks to Detlev Schlichter, author of Paper Money Collapse about quantitative easing to infinity, Central Banking 'devils' and the future for the gold standard.” … [Read more...]

Video: Detlev’s interview with The Real Asset Company

Screenshot of video, interview

The recent three-part interview of Detlev by Jan Skoyles of the Real Asset Company. Their review of Detlev's book can be found at http://therealasset.co.uk/paper-money-collapse/ Part One: Paper Money Collapse Part Two: Austrian Economics Part Three: The current economic situation. … [Read more...]

Adam Smith Institute lecture: paper money collapse

Detlev Schlichter adresses the Adam Smith Institute

For those that missed it: Detlev Schlichter addresses the Adam Smith Institute Tuesday 22nd November, 2011. He argues that the present financial crisis is far from over; generally misunderstood and misrepresented, it is far from being a 'crisis of capitalism'. Detlev traces the history of failure of paper money systems and lays out why present policies pursued by various governments and institutions are misdirected and counterproductive. He describes the various endgames facing us. Last Tuesday's talk was organised by … [Read more...]