Detlev on the Keiser Report – Boom & Bust Vicious Cycle

Excerpt from The Keiser Report (E346) with Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert on which Detlev appeared on September 27th. “Max talks to Detlev Schlichter, author of Paper Money Collapse about quantitative easing to infinity, Central Banking ‘devils’ and the future for the gold standard.”

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  1. FlyOnTheWall says

    Detlev, would be interesting to hear your opinion on Max Keiser’s recent criticisms of the Austrian position–which, I understand, is an intellectual font from which much of your hard economic analysis in PMC springs into life–whereby he likens the Mises Institute to Scientology, broadly implies Mises was a charlatan in the shadow of Menger, so on and so forth. Given Max’s often outspoken support of the market and free association (which he has a penchant for terming financial activism or financial anarchy, not too dissimilar to the terminology of the Austrian school) and alignment with many of the theories by Austrians (boom/bust, money and credit, etc.) this is indeed a curious spat.

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