Adam Smith Institute lecture: paper money collapse

For those that missed it: Detlev Schlichter addresses the Adam Smith Institute Tuesday 22nd November, 2011. He argues that the present financial crisis is far from over; generally misunderstood and misrepresented, it is far from being a ‘crisis of capitalism’. Detlev traces the history of failure of paper money systems and lays out why present policies pursued by various governments and institutions are misdirected and counterproductive. He describes the various endgames facing us.

Last Tuesday’s talk was organised by the Adam Smith Institute. I attended this talk and can vouch for the fact that the audience was such that it was standing room only by the time it started, partly thanks (or so I was told the following day) to this City AM report of an interview that they recently did with Schlichter.

This talk is now available for viewing on video, a fact which I learned at Libertarian Home, thanks to
Andy Janes, who describes it as having been “very impressive, if terrifying”.

Brian Micklethwait 

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  1. Simon Learner says

    Very interesting and informative speech Detlev, I can only say I agree with everything you say and will be buying your book. Thanks for making it.

  2. Adriano says

    Great shoot Detlev!
    Crystal clear as usual, you could not perform better!

    You would deserve a Nobel Prize only for the extraordinary work you are doing in ‘translating’ the Austrian theories to the public. Unfortunately, I am afraid this will never happen and, as more and more people become aware of the truth, it won’t be long before mainstream media and bullshit economists start to blame even you for the ongoing crisis, arguing that your statements bring about panic in the financial markets!
    When that happens, because it will, at least we will all know that we are getting close to the very final collapse…

    So, let me joke about it, do not think I will help you to ‘save your ass’ by not making everyone I know aware of you and your message.
    By the way, if a book is usually a good Christmas present, yours is well suited to be an outstanding one for many of my friends…

    Merry Christmas.

  3. Stephan F. says

    Let’s face it; listening to almost anyone else discussing such mundane topics as currency systems and macro-economics & politics takes a lot of effort on the part of the listener to remain conscious. But your well-organized presentation which produced so many indisputable facts in a simple and logical manner kept me spellbound. Frankly, I thought it was brilliant.

    And I especially appreciated when you made these two basic points. First is where you reference the notion of how a fiat money system is somehow perfectly acceptable, because it is but a naturally occurring event and simply a normal part of a capitalistic system. The second one is when you debunk this loony & ill-conceived notion for the need of an ever-expanding supply of money in a paper-money system. I’m amazed, and saddened, how these two completely false concepts became ingrained in the collective consciousness.

    Thanks once again Detlev for making perfect sense of a very dry subject.

    Best Regards

  4. Sinjin says

    Nothing new here, but well presented. Charles Morrison published the ‘Trillion Dollar Meltdown’ before the end of 2008. I’m still waiting to find out where the rest of the 10 Trillion eh hem, plus, paper money has dissappeared to? Anyone? 1927 could look comfortable in comparison.

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